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  • Leverage the Power & Popularity of Social Media

    Z2»Connect is an innovative cloud-based application that lets your organization efficiently coordinate internal communications plus social media such as Twitter® and Facebook® from a single, networked hub. Combining a secure internal network that's as simple to use as Facebook® with the ability create limitless user groupings gives your organization an amazing way to improve engagement, loyalty and/or retention. The added ability to push communications outside the network via Twitter® and Facebook® makes this the ideal tool for organizations of all sizes, giving you a centralized portal for improved efficiency for your social media communications.

    If You Have an Audience, You Need Z2»Connect

    Managing internal and external communications has always been challenging. The explosive growth of social media has only made a difficult task even more challenging.

    Until Z2»Connect.

    Z2»Connect is an affordable, web-based application built to get out of the way and make collaboration and communication simple. It works the way people want to communicate online combining intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, the ability to create groups and to post blogs or direct messages. Z2»Connect opens channels of communication between individuals within your organization, giving them a simple way to share and access information supplied by the organization and to stay in touch with colleagues.

    Administrative Oversight

    Best of all, Z2»Connect gives you complete control. From messaging, monitoring and measuring, administrators have total oversight. Not only can you coordinate your communications efforts easily, you can monitor what is being written and posted about your organization. Imagine having the ability to easily engage and respond to questions, comments, etc. With just a simple mouse click you can control access to certain information and even specific users.

    Scalable, Customizable and Secure

    Z2»Connect was created to be easily scalable. The look-and feel can be customized to match your current branding and it can be easily integrated with other software packages and databases. Because it is a secure cloud-based application, you don't have to worry about IT resources or hardware. The Z2»Connect support team is always available to assist you with technical questions and updates are included with your license. It truly is a turnkey application created to make communications easier and better.

    And It's Affordable Too!

    Z2»Connect is amazingly affordable. For only pennies per user/day, your organization can have the most innovative, flexible and powerful communications hub available. And depending on your industry, you may even be able to turn this popular program into a revenue stream—we'll be glad to show you how!

    Find out how easy it is leverage the popularity and power of social media while you improve your communications management. Simply send in the request form or call toll-free 1–886–GoZoyto to schedule a free demonstration.

  • Full-featured blogging that's easy to use

    With Z2»Connect, you get a full feature blog that allows users to embed video, photos, and format their posts for a customized look.


    The blog feature on Z2»Connect is intended for the closed loop of the platform rather than distribution outside the organization in the blogosphere. The benefit of this is that it allows users or the organization to post informational and/or educational content that is intended for consumption within the organization. Updates, training, notices, etc. can be posted with links to content housed elsewhere while maintaining the benefits of internal communication.

    The Z2»Connect blog function provides a platform for contributors to post various perspectives, bring accomplishment or newsworthy events to the attention of others and to encourage discussion while providing the organization oversight and control over the content being posted. Comments and blog follower statistics can provide valuable insight into behavior of users without expensive research.

    Z2»Connect was developed to make creating, managing and using internal blogs simple and intuitive.

    To create a new blog, users simply click on My Blog and then select New Post. They can format their blog with the editor or edit the html. Embedding links, videos, etc. is just another simple click.

    Customized Blog Categories

    Z2»Connect allows for categories to easily be created and assigned. This improves user interaction and communication. Once the organization has defined the categories, blog posts can be assigned to a category from the drop down menu and tags added to help people on Z2»Connect find blogs.

    Blog Subscription Feature

    Users can Browse blogs by name, by category, or by connections, and then just click Subscribe. Z2»Connect alerts users to the most recent blogs that have been subscribed so updates won't be missed. All subscribed blogs can be quickly seen by clicking on Subscribe in the menu.

  • Network Updates:
    Where Social Media Becomes Networking

    Social media is a channel to share information with others. In Z2»Connect it is a way to share that information within a closed environment and to push it to the outside social media via Twitter and Facebook. However the true benefit of Z2»Connect for most organizations is the ability of Z2»Connect to foster communication, internally, between interested parties. It is this fact that takes Z2»Connect from a closed social media channel into the area of a social networking platform.

    Network updates are the "Wall" in Z2»Connect. It is where the organization or individuals can post updates and it is the first thing users see when they login. Users see their own updates and updates from people they're connected to. The organization can post updates to the entire organization or segmented via groups and individuals. Network updates give users and the organization complete control and flexibility to share posts where they want.

    Network updates provide a "backyard fence" where people can exchange ideas, information and dialog with others. It is a natural location for idea exchange, education and feedback that reaches all those connected within the group.

    Pushing Updates Beyond Z2»Connect

    The network updates feature allows users and the organization to push information beyond Z2»Connect as well. Users can share updates on Z2»Connect, through email, on Facebook, and even Twitter.

    Network updates can also be more than text. Users can add links and choose a thumbnail or even embed a YouTube video. Users simply paste the YouTube URL into the links field and the video will be embedded as an update. They then click update and all connections can view and comment on the update.

  • Direct Messages

    Z2»Connect direct messaging allows your organization and your users to leverage the trend away from email use which is being seen among users of platforms such as Facebook. In fact news outlets such as Techeye.net have reported that direct messaging will surpass email use among businesses by 2014, and while defenders of email may argue that direct messaging will never completely replace email, it is increasingly clear that for a growing number of users in the business and social environments, the speed, flexibility and true communicative nature of direct messaging make it imperative that your organization efficiently offer it as an option.


    Direct Messages on Z2»Connect provide that option and are a great way for users to establish private conversations between their connections within the platform and to manage those conversations.

    The strength of Z2»Connect's direct messaging is that it provides flexibility to communicate in greater detail than may be optimal for posts on a network update--and to a targeted recipient. This flexibility, especially when compared to email, means recipients immediately know the source and are more likely to open and respond. It is this validation of the parties and the avoidance of email clutter, spammers, etc. that many users find most beneficial.

    From an organization's standpoint, Z2»Connect direct messaging provides a convenient, easy to manage channel to interact with members of the organization.

    And from a user's standpoint, Z2»Connect makes it simple to create a new Message:

    Users simply choose the person they want to send it to…

    Add a subject…

    and message...

    click Send

    and they're done.

  • Groups:
    The Connections that Bring Z2»Connect Its Impact

    Groups and connections within and between groups are what bring Z2»Connect to life. Building and managing personal networks, being able to connect easily with others, and learn from others makes this a dynamic communication platform.

    Z2»Connect gives users and organizations the ability to create and join specific groups within the platform. This powerful feature enables users and/or the organization to target specific information to the audience or a portion of an audience. Direct selling companies may use this feature to identify down-lines within an organization; healthcare providers and businesses may identify departments or occupations; non-profit organizations may define groups by events, geography or chapters. There is no limit to the number or types of groups that can be formed on Z2»Connect.

    Updates and information can be easily posted and shared within the group, providing an opportunity for immediate feedback within the confines of the group. Groups can be long-term or formed for specific events or durations. This makes communicating even easier.

    Users can simply click on a "Connections" tab to see all their connections and any that have been suggested (by other users or the organization) as being of interest or beneficial to them.

    From the parent organization's standpoint, Z2»Connect provides centralized oversight and control. Statistics are available on usage patterns, participation and other key indicators and as with all aspects of the software there are immediate, real-time monitoring capabilities from a convenient administration dashboard.


  • Monitoring and Moderating

    Z2»Connect was developed to improve communication and oversight for organizations. In a single, centralized administrative panel the organization is able to monitor activity, address specific concerns that are posted, remove undesirable posts and even restrict access to offending users -- we call it "placing them in timeout." The flexibility of this turnkey, cloud-based platform means that from a hub location your organization is able to monitor and react to issues, topics and discussions.

    You determine the level of oversight.

    If you don't want users to push posts outside Z2»Connect to Facebook or Twitter, that can be restricted.

    If you want certain groups restricted (or unlocked), Z2»Connect makes that easy.

    Don't want YouTube videos linked? No problem with Z2»Connect.

    Z2»Connect gives you the tools, real-time monitoring that make protecting your standards simple and easy.


  • Corporate Messaging

    Social media is changing the expectations of information and the interaction between individuals and organizations. Gone are the days when, as Chris Syme in a February 2011 Social Media Today article "Twitter Rules: Are they Changing?" called them, "megaphone marketers" (or HR departments or managers, or anyone from an organization) could expect to deliver messages as if on a one way street. Social media and access to numerous information sources have made employees, members and distributors savvy consumers of information and eager to join in dialogs. They often expect updates and a method of commenting as part of a communication process.

    The challenge for organizations of all sizes has been managing all the diverse social media, email campaigns, tweets, blogs, newsletters, etc. Z2»Connect provides the answer with a revolutionary cloud-based communications hub that lets you efficiently coordinate your corporate communications and at the same time provide a platform for dialogs with your employees, members or organization with a safe, controlled environment. From a single, intuitive dashboard you can push messages throughout your organization plus to social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

    And Z2»Connect's advanced monitoring capabilities make keeping track of responses, posts, etc. easy too. You can respond in network updates or specifically with an individual via direct messaging.

    Customizable Design Skin

    Z2»Connect can be quickly branded to match your organization's style guide or changed to communicate what your organization needs. With just a few simple mouse clicks Z2»Connect can integrate seamlessly with your current online presence or any collateral material you may have.

    Z2»Connect will quickly become a powerful extension of your organization's messaging, helping strengthen your brand and your interaction with your audience.